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Alanna Joy Wells was born in Maynooth, Ireland in 1996 to an Irish/Swiss mother and a South African Father. 

At the age of three, her family moved back to South Africa where they briefly lived in Muizenberg, Cape Town, before moving to a 'farm', Forest Vale. 


Forest Vale was not quite a farm as much as it was a piece of land with a forest. With a wild imagination and a love of fairy tales, folk lore and musicals, Alanna spent much of her early years wandering the forests and creating elaborate stories and songs to pass the time. 

At the age of 7, her family moved back to Cape Town where she attended The Micheal Oak Waldorf School. 

Alanna began taking piano lessons as well as violin and recorder. 

At the age of 12 Alanna moved school, quit piano and started playing guitar. 

Her teacher quickly noticed her love of writing and encouraged her to spend her time composing and developing her lyricism. 

At age 18, Alanna was set to attend Stellenbosch University for 'Biology with Psychology' when she took the leap to follow her passion for music. 

She decided to attend AFDA university to study music and performing arts. However, after a year she left AFDA and dived straight into the industry.


At her very first open mic (at the House of Machines), Alanna met her first band, The Guy Is Alive. 

The band introduced her to the rock music that has influenced her writing and sound ever since. 

Around the same time, Alanna auditioned for the 'Buskers Program' at The V&A Waterfront. She received a spot and also took part in the annual Cape Town Buskers Program. 


Alanna took part in two duo projects during this time. The first project, called Joy & The Blacksmith was an alternative mood/rock concept project with Rudi Du Toit, lead guitarist of The Guy Is Alive. They only ever released one song titled 'Bad Omen'. 

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Alanna also briefly performed with Al Petersen under the name 13 Roses. They performed together during Al's set on the Expresso Breakfast Show.


In April 2018 Alanna released her debut single 'Beautiful Nights' with Cape Town producer Cosher. 

In August 2018 Alanna collaborated with producer Sloani to release the alternative pop track 'The Enemy'. The song was playlisted on Apple music's 'Best of the week', Spotify's 'New music Friday' and Deezer's 'Unwrapped SA' playlists


Alanna began hosting the 'Rust Jam Sessions' in 2017 after running the sessions as a fundraiser for a friend's student film. At first, the events consisted of Alanna performing solo or with a few musical friends, however the nights slowly blossomed into an amazing event shared by many musicians.

The nights have featured artists such as Matt Carstens, Matthew Roux, Stef Botha & Ray Morgan (Money For Bali), Bradley Bath & Izak Schoombie (Poor Princes), Chico Muya, George Kalukusha, Sellah and many more. 



It was at these sessions that Alanna jammed with her now band mates, Charlie Charles and Faghri Hendricks. The group had known each other through various music projects, mutual friends and shared gigs (in fact Charlie and Alanna had been in two bands together previously), however they would have probably never performed together if it wasn't for the jam sessions. ​


Alanna soon realised the musical connection the group had and asked the boys to join her band. 

Formed in February the band has already performed at events such as Splashy Fen Festival, Barleycorn Festival, Hillcrest Quarry, Cafe Roux and the Sofar Sessions among artists like Craig Lucas, Majozi and Bam Bam Brown

The band is currently recording their debut EP.