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27th December

Wow! What a night! 

Last night we played our first Mercury show and it was a whole lotta fun. 

We got to play alongside our friends The Cinematic Rejects (who funnily enough began their journey at our Rust Jam Sessions) and Right Hand Road (Yassis, their drummer rocks!)

We sold our live 'Raw Sessions' CD for the first time and we were surprised that you guys bought so many! We better make some more for the next show ;) 


In case you are new to the adventures of Joy & The Boyz, we should let you know about our weekly jam sessions!

So every Wednesday at a place called Rust (79 Station Road, Observatory), we host a jam session. It has the structure of an open mic night, and muso's have to arrive at 6pm to sign up, but it has the freedom of an improv session. Musicians can jam it out with each other, practise new material and catch up with fellow musicians. 

As musicians, we are always so busy with our own gigs that we often miss out on bonding with each other and collaborating and communicating for fun. Rust allows exactly this, and in fact, it was the inspiration for our band! 

While we all knew each other beforehand, the jam sessions gave us a chance to play together that might not have happened if we hadn't attended. 


Wow guys! We cannot believe we have done a Sofar Session! 

Sofar is an amazing initiative which organises house gigs around the world. You should definitely check their website here

Cape Town hasn't hosted one in ages and we were lucky enough to be asked to perform for the launch! 

Dan is now apart of the team and he will be assisting with the next event!

Can't wait to see how the video comes out!